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If choosing to use our crematorium Townsville there are some factors to be considered

When choosing the services of our crematorium Townsville, decisions regarding a memorial do not have to be made immediately. There are many practical decisions to be made in the first few days after a death and deciding on appropriate wording styles and themes for a crematorium Townsville memorial is usually best left for a later time. In the days and weeks ahead, your thoughts could alter dramatically as perspective returns and you are more able to consider how meaningful a crematorium Townsville memorial can be.

With our crematorium Townsville, the visitation or gathering at the memorial site in the weeks, months and years after the funeral can give families opportunity to reflect on the reality of a loved one’s passing and what this means to those who are left behind. It is thoughtful to consider the possible desire of future generations to view a crematorium Townsville memorial to relatives passed. A visible crematorium Townsville memorial will often become even more meaningful and important as time passes, and there may be descendants yet to be born who will want to locate and spend time at a site dedicated to their ancestor.

A crematorium Townsville viewing is simply the opportunity to see and spend time with your loved one after death. In the crematorium Townsville Funeral Home, the deceased is presented in the coffin or casket, usually a day or two prior to the funeral. A crematorium Townsville viewing can take place the day of the funeral if this timing is more appropriate. The usual time allocated for a crematorium Townsville viewing is around a half-hour; however, this can be adjusted to suit your requirements.

If children wish to view the deceased then this is normally acceptable, however we don’t recommend children attend crematorium Townsville viewings against their will.

If you require the services of a crematorium Townsville or are unsure whether this is the correct choice to make please feel free to contact our respectful staff to have the best chance of making an informed decision.

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This early beginning gave Basil the opportunity to develop a reputation for the provision of a quality service, assisting Townsville’s residents during the end of World War 2. Basil’s extra care and attention to detail culminated in the creation of Morleys Funerals in 1961.

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When a death occurs in your family, if you are unsure of what to do, it is important to contact Morleys as soon as possible, so that we can advise you of the correct procedures to follow. Most deaths are by natural causes and occur in hospitals, aged care facilities and sometimes in private residences.

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We offer one of the most modern fleets of hearses, limousines and transfer vehicles available today. Our hearses are custom built to our specification by leading special-purpose vehicle-conversion companies and they incorporate many options that enhance the way we conduct our funerals in North Queensland.

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Morleys’ phones are answered 24hours a day by caring compassionate staff.

Morleys Funerals’ Office Hours are 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday (excludes Public Holidays)

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Morleys have been providing funerals Townsville since first being established in 1961 as a local family business.In 2019, our company became a part of Propel Funeral Partners Limited, a funeral services company, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. Morleys Funerals continue to provide funerals and cremations Townsville. With a team of qualified individuals, utilising the services of our funeral director Townsville is using the services of the trusted name in funerals. We provide clients with a large funeral keepsakes Townsville to offer a memento that can be customised to make it a personal gesture. We also have caring and compassionate staff who can help you with pre-plan funerals Townsville which is becoming more and more popular in our region. Dealing with Morleys means you will be dealing with the most experienced provider of funeral services Townsville and we are here for you when you need us, 24 hours a day. Whether you need assistance with finding a crematorium Townsville or any other specialist funeral home service, you can rely on the guidance of the team at Morleys Funerals Townsville.

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